Welcome to the Doors Open Mobile. We create useful mobile applications to help you plan and navigate your time at Doors Open and Open House architecture events.

Doors Open Mobile - Toronto

Developed using Toronto's Open Data initiative is designed for easy use for Torontonians and visitors alike. The Route-finding, "Map It" and "Around Me" features make it easy to navigate the streets of Toronto and make it simple for anyone to find their next destination.

Each building displays a picture of said building, the address, opening hours throughout the weekend, a "map it" option, add to your favourites, the description and additional information about the building. To help plan your visit to Doors Open Buildings we also let you know the building facilities including if the building is accessible, are washrooms available, if there are parking, are photos allowed and is filming allowed. If available we include the architect and architecture style and the date of building construction. We also provide the nearest subway and street car stop for most buildings along with the buildings contact phone number if available.


  • Browse all participating building and architectural landmarks
  • View "What's Around Me" to see what participating buildings are already close to you
  • Building Searches
  • Favourite a building for reference at a later time
  • Routing from your current location to the building of choice

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